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Why I attend International Life Services Advanced Training Institute

The Advanced Training Institute is a very unique educational experience and wonderful resource for pregnancy resource centers and those working in building a culture of life. The guidance and training given by experts in each field of topic is priceless. Board training is crucial in developing and directing successful pregnancy centers. And with so many challenges today legal advice is a must. The legal advice and training provided at the Advanced Training Institute is second to none. The marketing training and wisdom in marketing our centers need to be made available to every pregnancy center in this country. As the challenges have grown in how to reach clients and then how to communicate with clients the training that the Advanced Training Institute offers is invaluable. The Advanced Training Institute is over the top in educating, training and motivating all who serve in pregnancy centers and who are working diligently in building a culture of life! 

- Lori DeVillez, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Founder & Executive Director Austin Pregnancy Resource -2018 -Beyond Blessed!


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